Thursday, October 27, 2005

Fixing Machine

Evening's Topic: Reviewing Rackets (persistent *chronic* complaint + way of being)

Fifth Session's Intentions:
1. To distinguish what it is to make a difference.
2. To complete distinguishing ways of being which are unwanted yet persist, such that you are left with a new freedom to be and empowered to share, participate and contribute in life.


Integrity: Doing what you say you're gonna do, when you said you're gonna do it.


On the same stage, I perform the same play everyday. That includes committing the same mistakes over and over again. I missed saying the same lines and have a hard time expressing how I feel. Ironic it is, that being in a play, I still pretend to be someone else. Using every possible strong suit to make myself look good.

In the theater that I am in, people come and go. And often, I find the seats empty. Even alone, I still continue playing the anticlimactic part.

Landmark Forum has taught me to develop the innate talent and power within me. Slowly, I am managing to create a plot. Carefully choosing lines that would empower my intentions of performing good. Prioritizing the intentions instead of covering them with superficial expressions.

I realized that being beautiful does not equate to looking good. So if one looks good, it does not mean he or she is beautiful.

I would like to invite people and encourage them to take their parts in the play I am developing.

one of my assignments in the LFIA series...

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Assertion versus Declaration

I never realized the distinction at first. I only thought they were both forms of statements.

In my LFIA notebook:

  • with PROOF

  • there's an evidence of validity

  • may be true or false

  • could be accurate or not

  • NOT an assertion

  • more of a STAND

To most people, when they say "I love you," they take it as an assertion.


"You know I can't leave you," he said.

"You know I can always leave you," I replied.

With gloomy eyes he said, "Now I know."

The elevator opened and he stepped out.

"I just choose not to," I could have added.


a repost

And then you said, "Sorry if I heart you..."

By then, I didn't understand.

I now realized I never listened.

'Coz I was more grounded to the voice inside my head than to reality.

Which was how I felt.


It's an immobilizing a freezing wind...

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

My Embryotic Breakthroughs About Love...

Landmark Relationship Seminar, I read...


Yeah, I have acknowledged it. I am upset coz I'm not in any relationship right now. To be more accurate, since birth.

My friends usually come to me to talk about their realtionships and ask for advice. I do give them and they say I am of help. Probably because I am still in my ideal stage. However, I cannot say I am totally unscathed.

The lack itself makes me jaded.

I often end up thinking what's wrong with me or what do I have or what don't I have that leaves me feel alone. After some introspection, I end up telling myself that I don't deserve to be loved.

Some saving grace, most instances I would tell myself I have not found the right guy yet.

*still in the process of being in love*

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

On being responsible...

This was part of the discussion we had during the second session of the LFIA series. Below is how Landmark Education defines and describes responsibility:


Responsibility starts with saying you are cause in the matter.

Responsibility is not burden, fault, praise, blame, credit, shame or guilt. In responsibility, there is no evaluation of good or bad, right or wrong. There is simply what's so, and your stand.

Being responsible starts with the willingness to deal with a situation from the point of view that you are generator of what you do, what you have and what you are. That is not the truth. It is a place to stand (from).

NO one can make you responsible, nor can you impose responsibility on another. It is a grace you give yourself--an empowering context that leaves you with a say in the matter of life.

And my notes:

Making yourself responsible for something gives you power. By recognizing yourself as the source of the lost of integrity, you empower yourself by having full control and creating the possibility of transforming the "lost of integrity" into the "creation of integrity."

You have full control of yourself by being responsible instead of choosing to be a "victim/effect of circumstances."

Realizing this, I can no longer have any good excuse.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Landmark Forum In Action Series

I choose to post my thoughts and newly grasped ideas in the seminar that I am attending. I have not posted some lessons that I have learned from the Landmark Forum that I've attended on August 26, 27, 28 and 30. I have other lectures on the first three meetings of the LFIA series, too.

The purpose of this blog is to express my thoughts and "ontological orgasms" about the forum and share them with other people. Through this, I am making my way from the "stand" to the "court."

We shall all die, and I rather die playing than watching.

Also through this blog, I want to share with everyone the possibilities, breakthroughs, and breakdowns I am having. I want to enroll people in the possibility that I am creating.

In our graduation, I have declared that the possibility that I am creating in my life is the possibility of being happy, loved and successful!