Monday, May 15, 2006

The Player's Leaving

It was a business trip and I was somehow surprised to see him there although I know I shouldn't be at all. It's funny that we never talked. There was no obvious reason we should but there wasn't any reason why we shouldn't either. It just felt weird.

Many times I'd catch him staring and I was too shy to reciprocate. But I know I'd enjoy looking at him. But I was too shy to be caught so I only had glimpses of him when I know he'd be too busy looking somewhere else. I wasn't always successful though.

In a meeting, I heard his name and someone stopping him to go to Canada.

I wanted to ask why, when, and for how long. But that would all seem to be too weird coming from me knowing that we don't engage in casual conversations. And if I do, I would just confirm everything that I've been trying to hide. I just hope it wouldn't be for too long. And I still wonder why he has to when their business is here.

If he's really decided to go there, I wish I have the chance to wish him well and to ask him to keep in touch.

If I only could.

It's like wishing we'd be good friends then something else.

Yeah, something else...

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