Tuesday, May 02, 2006

What Do I Do?

I'm up with the "if you don't want me, I don't want you either" game. That means no greetings, no messages, nothing from him nor for him.

Well, at times, I think about it too and ask myself if this is how I want it.

Honestly, the answer is no. I actually want to get this over with. But I keep finding myself "being ignored, confronting him about it, meeting for a while, being ignored again" cycle. I can barely open up with him too.

Knowing each other for years or pretending to do so, I'm not sure if it was right or if I ever had the right to ask him to eat dinner or meet up just to update each other. I can't even play PS with him.

Being extremely busy, I can disregard these issues for a while. But since my family knows him, my mom keeps on fishing some information about him. I didn't want to tell her how exactly the situation is, but I can't give her any definite answer when she asks me how he is. And of course, Mom ends up telling me what "friend" am I for not even knowing if he's taken the board exam.

Well, I didn't tell her he doesn't even know when my birthday is.

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